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How to add a photo on your team’s webpage section

Click on the little yellow padlock icon that is underneath the Little League-Softball tab and the right of the Code of Conduct tab in the on the dybs.org home page.

Put in your name (Two words)

Put in the DLL photography password (If you do not have this password, please contact ).

Find and click on “
Tools, Add Pictures” in the left hand column

You may have to agree to installing some temporary drivers along the way. Do that as needed.

Your computer's cookies will determine what kind of screen that you see next, just keep following the prompts until to get either a combination of usable  Browse and Upload tabs or Add and Upload tabs.

Menu select your team as a replacement for whatever team is previously listed in the Team: menu box. 

(Club Association refers to the home page's photo run, select your team, instead)

Click on the Add or Browse tab and enter your computer’s file location for wherever the jpeg photo file is that you want to upload.

After you repeat this Add step for however many photos that you want, click on Upload  and the photo(s) will be posted.  

After the initial picture is posted, your team's webpages will now feature a "Pictures" tab in it's left hand column.